Amicable pairs list

This is the most comprehensive collection of amicable numbers discovered up to date.

The table below contains the number of amicable pairs arranged according to the number of digits in the smallest member.
The list contains all pairs with the smallest member below 1020.

Total known amicable pairs:

A distributed BOINC project to find all amicable pairs with smaller member below 1021 has started. Everyone can join it:

You can send suggestions, corrections and other feedback to me through private message at BOINC project page or
General discussions about amicable pairs/aliquot cycles can be found at Aliquot Sequences subforum

Download the entire database as of January 1st, 2023 (25.44 GB split into 11 parts, unpacked size ~714.47 GB). You will need 7-zip and PHP to unpack the database.
Download only non-trivial pairs (446 MB) - all known pairs up to 30 digits, all known pairs except types (3,2) - (10,2) longer than 30 digits: 10,225,833 pairs in total.
Download gaussian amicable pairs (128 MB) - amicable pairs from this database which remain amicable in Gaussian integers: 740,816 pairs in total.

Download pairs from to digits