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1) Message boards : Random stuff : Australian Boinc Team (Message 1721)
Posted 16 Sep 2023 by Cruncher Pete
Please onsider joining Australian Boinc Team. We are Universal as Boinc is Universal. We wellcome all Nationalities, Creed or color. Come join us and become an honorary Aussie. The Admin of this project, Cruncher Pete is number 9 in the world listing and seek more members to show that we care about BOINC.
2) Message boards : Random stuff : Cross-Project stats page broken. :( (Message 1532)
Posted 22 Jul 2021 by Cruncher Pete
I changed my email address and PW as well as my name 2 weeks ago. The next day I changed my user name only back to Cruncher Pete to help stop am intruder changing my projects. BAM CPID did not change but your project is not showing up in BAM. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
3) Message boards : Bug tracker : Project not shown in BoincStats (Message 1446)
Posted 19 Sep 2020 by Cruncher Pete
A few days ago I had to change my email address and Password. I have lost over 2.5Billion credits overall and 18 projects are not showing in the stats.
Please confirm that my stats are exported and the XML details are correct.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Daily limit on WU's (Message 576)
Posted 15 Jul 2017 by Cruncher Pete
I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I just can't get any CPU WU's on this machine.

My preferences was set up as suggested but since all I was getting is just 1 GPU work and a message :This computer has reached the daily limit of work units, I changed my preferences to receive all WU's irrespective of CPU or GPU. I am still getting the same message. From memory I had no problem like this before using the old options.

Edit. I should mention that with this machine I only had Amicable projects running or hope to run.

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