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Download server Running
Upload server Running
Scheduler sech Running
feeder sech Running
transitioner sech Running
file_deleter sech Running
sample_bitwise_validator_10_20 (amicable_10_20) sech Running
assimilator_amicable_10_20 (amicable_10_20) sech Running

Computing status


Tasks ready to send1626
Tasks in progress17145
Workunits waiting for validation0
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for file deletion0
Tasks waiting for file deletion0
Transitioner backlog (hours)0.00
Current progress (search up to 1020)87.1561%
ETA at current speed (search up to 1020)Jul 2019


With credit4866
With recent credit1717
Registered in past 24 hours12


With credit16833
With recent credit12664
Registered in past 24 hours60
Currently active1794
Current speed (eqv)470.65 x AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Tasks by application

Application Unsent In progress Runtime of last 100 tasks in hours: average, min, max Users in last 24 hours Hosts in last 24 hours
Amicable Numbers up to 10^20 1626 17145 3.5 (0.03 - 49.45) 367 4105
Database schema version: 27014

Task data as of 19 Mar 2019, 21:47:51 UTC

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