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1) Message boards : Bug tracker : Slow loading stage especially for GPU apps (Message 1699)
Posted 8 Jul 2023 by Profile putianyi888
CPU app loads 2.5GB of data while GPU app loads 8GB. GPU tasks are much faster so the loading process is more significant.

Making things worse, the data need to be loaded again (could be a BOINC issue) every time the program is continued after paused, so if that happens frequently (which is more common on GPU apps), a lot of cycles are wasted.
2) Message boards : Bug tracker : large fail rate (Message 1609)
Posted 26 Jul 2022 by Profile putianyi888
I had been having the same issue as well. The program was quite fragile towards low memory and hanging. I'm moving my main device to other projects before this is fixed. I'm happy to provide any related information and test.

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