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Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Profile Stephen Uitti
One of my desktops (ID 997) has been banned, and for good reason. CPU units run on it were all fine. GPU units run all failed. Since the GPU actually does good work on other projects (Collatz, PrimeGrid, Einstein, but not GPUGrid), i suspect the driver. This machine used to have a GTS 250. I didn't change the driver, since it seemed to work. It's running Linux Mint 13, which goes out of support in a couple months. Since changing the driver is such a pain, the plan was to deal with it on the OS upgrade. This GTX 650 ti is returning units in 3 to 5 minutes, which is insane. There's no way it's that fast. I've never seen a GPU fail other than instantly before. I've got a GTX 950 which isn't that fast on Amicable. If you look at the project stats by card, the 650ti looks hot. I'm guessing it's my machine turning in quick units. It should be possible to code the stats page to only look at valid results... though that's a different issue.

I won't be testing this desktop's GPU until i've addressed the driver issue. I'm not planning to use the CPU anytime soon. But it could be unbanned.

BTW, the CPU is an AMD A8. I've tried all sorts of things to try to get its APU (on-chip GPU) to run BOINC under Linux. It will drive the screen, and does smooth 1080p video. But i've had no luck with the APU, even after uninstalling the nVidia driver and installing the AMD driver. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has gotten this to work. We've got an A10 with Win 10 in the house, which crunches just fine on the APU.

I'm excited by having another GPU project available. I'll continue contributing with the 950 for now.

Lately, i've been looking at a newish computer language: Julia. It has good math support, great parallelization support, great vector support, and claims to support video cards, and even the Arm DSP (which is used as a video card for smart phones, etc.) Amicable's launch, then quick video card launch sounds like it could have been implemented in Julia. If so, it'd be great to see an Arm app. A few Arm apps have talked about supporting the DSP soon.


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