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Posted 24 Feb 2017 by MindCrime
Runs okay on my 2 Nvidia cards, the 1080 Laptop runs them in about 5-11 Min's. I stopped them running on my AMD though, the gpu fan was just screaming & it was way to hot & eventually blue screened the box so I'll stick with cpu work on that box ...

I'm getting the opposite on my 7970, it's running very cool but it seems under-worked. I'm seeing 99% utilization but only 67c on the core. Voltage and clocks are constant. On the other hand I feel like it's running slower than it should compared to other cards; I'm seeing times around:

7970: ~2000sec avg
270x: ~3000sec avg
750ti: ~2400sec avg

Seems like my ATI cards are under performing.

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