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1) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Client 7.8.4 recommended for MAC OS (Message 678)
Posted 3 Dec 2017 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
I've not had any issues since upgrading , but my choice to go from 7.8.3 was I noticed my AM CPU WU with 1 day 5hr run times.
Now this is odd to me , the machine running is a Dell Latitude E6410 and OSX 10.9 with 4gb and an i5 M540 CPU and Samsung 256gb SSD and I have 3 of this same model laptops and via Windows 7 the WU is around 6hr. I assume that being a different application written for another platform its a larger number of clock cycles per WU and packs the same payload as a GPU WU but is being ran on CPU via OSX?
If the WU are the same payload data size and clock cycles count required of processing as the they are both version 2.03 then I have a problem!
I know its not a MAC running OS but Hackintosh should not be discouraged!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : MacOS 64-bit version (Message 677)
Posted 3 Dec 2017 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
gemini8 thank you the reply but unfortunately you misunderstood as I said PPC64 running Linux not OSX as there for example we will just go with the machine in question as I mostly use it as a file server and ircd server leaf internally linked to my external hub/leaf network but that meant left over resources on yet just another Linux machine as IBM uses today what would be the G8 with their Power 8 series and some of us are not standard end users with just desktops and or laptops.
Anyways , so you can install Linux on ppc64 so my silver dual cpu 2ghz g5 runs Debian 8 , you install Boinc ( apt install Boinc ) and it has a port but no projects support the Motorola fx970 cpu not even yoyo@home.
Now if you download the source code and compile Boinc yourself ( i usually do on Linux no matter what architecture I am working with or platform ) and instead of letting it ID the CPU from the install scripting that reads /proc/cpuinfo when it both compiles and starts Boinc and runs the cpu bench marking script to check your hardware you compile with ./configure --with-boinc-platform=powerpc64-ps3-linux-gnu and then the Mac G5 running Linux when checked by the only project that supports a CPU that is not ARM/x86/x64 as its not OSX. I hope this helps you understand and I am sorry to others but I thought informing clearly was better than ignoring in order to help the Boinc community grow as there are many G5 machines collecting dust and since Linux is not limited to replace Windows. :) To Amicable numbers I am sorry this was not related to your project.

Not to mention even an old g5 mac tower earned me money ( over $100 in the last year for maybe 1/4th the power cost if that ) processing my work units just like all of the rest of the Boinc work I process just the same as Amicable Numbers.

Now to post my issue with the actually machine related to this thread since its actually running osx 10.9 not linux , although its a Dell e6410 with i5 m540. I have 3 of that model and same spec laptop 4-8gb ram and in Win 7 a WU takes 1hr or so but on OSX its 1 day and 5hr per WU I assume its more FLOPS in the OSX WU than the Windows ones! OK I like to run FBSD on SUN too so I am not normal!! I have 250gb of OS iso's and have been running linux since the seti@home alpha days with my 4mb stb tnt2 with laptop edo stick of memory adding another 4mb for a total of 8mb and my 2 x 12mb 3dfx voodoo2's when the point of seti@home was to have the better flowing openGL screen saver so you could watch the waterfall!

Also , per admin/AM staff we REALLY need AM for ARM/android!
3) Message boards : News : Credits for the old application (search up to 2^64) doubled (Message 558)
Posted 4 Jul 2017 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
After a few months of not finding any pairs and just after months of finding thousands many of us were happy to see a new project number set and see our pair count go up so we dumped 2^64 just for that reason alone. Personally I would like to see the 2^64 GPU app still active as the 10^20 takes 20hr on a 2gb gt730 ( 1400mb+ usage ) for example or 2hr on a 2gb 750ti , not all of us have 1060's or 3 1080ti's running 5wu's per card because we are rich and are donating older hardware as their crunchers. It would be so nice if boinc projects worked like the gridcoin pools , a man in the middle XML editor that allows you to choose per machine you have attached to the project to select if that project uses CPU / INTEL GPU / ATI GPU / NVIDIA GPU and add android. Any chance , as I see Arm8 that we will see an Arm7 application as many of us have phones and tablets running other projects and would love to move them to Amicable Numbers. Thanks for the 2x credit , now i'd dump 10^20 for GPU and 2x 2^64 lol.

PS: Awesome update/change of the join page. During your " Interview with a Boinc admin @ " I had said something about that and it was unimportant to you. It was the default project xyz about xxx and said it was for windows/mac/all android like it was wide open support but I want to say all of the pages look excellent and I look awesome now! It's great that from sign up at the site ( i now most go threw boinc ) it tells you right off the bat what is supposed if you have not looked at the applications. Thank you , not much we can give you back for your time and great work , but crunch... :)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : MacOS 64-bit version (Message 440)
Posted 29 Apr 2017 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
Decided to pop osx86 10.9 ( from nerish ) running the darwin 13.0.0 kernel " Computer 3268 ", back on another dell latitude i5 m540 , 4gb , 120gb hdd and it worked without a problem so far.. I am not found of the idea of an upgrade to el captian since I ran this 3 years ago and it broke audio etc and I want to run AM for a few days atleast.. I/you can compare with run times and such with other same spec e6410's as I have a few. This project and to put up a osx86 gridcoin node were the main reason for the osx86 install so I hope it helps with AM project beta testing.

Per PPC comment before my post , there is only 1 project I can find for my silver G5 tower and even then you have to compile boinc as a ps3 pm if you wish more detail or help.
5) Message boards : Bug tracker : WU aborted by server/boinc before deadline , future date (Message 435)
Posted 23 Apr 2017 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
So I have 1 machine that is the only one in my cluster for boinc that is used 1/2 the time and suspended. Yesterday I noticed about 10 WU aborted and it states that the task was not started by deadline , this was then logged 4/27/2017 ( today being 4/22/2017 ) This was 4/20/2017 as I assume the time is correct 10:31am PST for example "
4/27/2017 10:31:17 AM | Amicable Numbers | Aborting task amicable_2_64_2091_1492699803.155143_895_0; not started and deadline has passed " and the log line before that " 4/27/2017 10:31:43 AM | Amicable Numbers | Scheduler request completed: got 24 new tasks " so , was this just me and a glitch in the AM matrix or did you redact some WU that went out? Anybody else?
Only 1 machine that sports an APU and 2 GPU's had this happen , all other machines nothing aborted.

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