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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WU size or difficulty change? (Message 639)
Posted 13 Oct 2017 by Profile Mankka*
Hi guys!

Yes I've noticed it's getting harder atm as we moved up to "2^2*..." and discoveries of new number has almost stopped.

Sergei, when are you expecting us to to hit that "range" when it would be possible to find new ones and could you please explain why?

...just planning to put some more in to find them, but electricity ain't cheap over in Finland and I want to hit that 100 000 found ones as my next goal =)

2) Message boards : Random stuff : Are Badges On the Way? (Message 298)
Posted 4 Mar 2017 by Profile Mankka*
Hi Guys !

I'm a newbie with this project (only crunched it for a couple of days), but if you want an opinion about badges...

The exsisting ones are great, but I would also add a second one for total credit, and if you want to get exotic,
2 more, 1 for the top CPU credits & 1 for the top GPU credits, no other project has those ones ;)

Don't ask me about the proper levels for each badge as I'm new in here (but yes, I know the guys that
started to crunch this one got alot of more credits in the beginning)

Have a nice weekend guys & happy crunching in the challenge (sry, Sicituradastra. won't participate this time).


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