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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Auto-ban faulty hosts (Message 344)
Posted 16 Mar 2017 by BlackObelisk
Normally, hosts don't produce invalid/inconclusive results at all. If you see one of your hosts as banned, it means that you need to fix it: reduce overclocking, update GPU drivers etc. and contact me as soon as you've fixed it.

This is a mobile platform with integrated screen and graphics card that doesn't support overclocking, so I guess the problem could be in drivers that is hard to update due to administration "we love windows XP" "no update/no upgrade" policy. So the question is... what exactly is "etc." that could be played around and is there some sort of logging? or maybe offline testing software? Same GPU seems to produce valid results for other BOINC projects, but they have either vogue or distant goals to accomplish so I switched to something more amicable. I was planning to use more computers with similar configuration to crunch this project, but now I guess if I can't fix it, then I will leave them crunching something less amicable.

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