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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Aborted, errored, timed out tasks (Message 1428)
Posted 9 Aug 2020 by AndrewWalker
One of my recent tasks I had a snoop at, 10 different users, a record!

I'm 95355, using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 which is at least 5 years old and got through it ok.
Why are so many others failing, small memory, CPU only or otherwise?

Really think that if certain accounts have a high percentage of failures they should be blocked
or allowed a reduced rate of tasks. Upgrade time!

2) Message boards : Random stuff : Amicable numbers divisible neither 2 nor 3. (Message 1337)
Posted 7 Jan 2020 by AndrewWalker
Would it be possible to extract from the database a list of the current lowest pairs not divisible by 2 or 3
(and maybe additionally by 2, 3 or 5). For the latter (2 ,3 and 5) there was a paper years back with an example of 30 digits
or more but maybe this has been improved

For anyone interested I found the first of these (the X44 pair) many years back when I was doing a search with David Einstein
for 14 and 15 digit pairs, we have sure progressed! At the time Jan Pederson made a suggestion to me it
would be interesting to see if the program we were using could find any of these. Well it did find this pair very quickly!

I hope that in the future the boinc project can extend the depth for these types much further!


PS This all gets a mention by Mariano Garcia in "Amicable Pairs, A Survey" third page
3) Message boards : Bug tracker : badly WU? (Message 1331)
Posted 20 Dec 2019 by AndrewWalker
Thanks! It was mainly the memory/processor usage that had me concerned. However a day later I had another
one of these that finished ok. Fingers crossed!

4) Message boards : Bug tracker : badly WU? (Message 1327)
Posted 18 Dec 2019 by AndrewWalker
Another one, I've only been on this project since 13 Dec so new to it (but not other amicable stuff..... :-) )

I'm computer 95355. Came home from work today and saw it was taking longer than normal so stopped it
and rebooted the computer.

On restart it was reporting high power usage and several hours left so I aborted it. Three earlier reports had errors.


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