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Posted 15 Feb 2023 by gtalex03
Hello everyone,

I see there are no recent messages here, but I think I've got an issue about this topic.

I have some WUs taking much longer than the estimated time, leading to a non-respect of the deadlines (that are particularly short in comparison of other BOINC projects), even when I leave BOINC running 24/24 7/7.

Last example today with an application named "Amicable numbers up to 10^21 3.00 (mt)" : estimated time : ~ 1hr16min but took 2hr39min to finish (ie. twice the estimated time!)
Those WUs require 8 CPUs to run, so I've set 100% of my 8-thread CPU in BOINC manager options.

When I watch the evolution of the remaining time, it appears to be decreasing for a while, and then increasing at 1second every 2-3 seconds, and then decreasing again etc...

My config: Ubuntu 22.04 / CPU Intel core i7 7700 HQ / RAM 16GB DDR4

Any idea to solve it? Is my laptop too 'light' to run them?

Thanks in advance

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