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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Multiple GPUs on a single GPU? (Message 1648)
Posted 27 Feb 2023 by 4TH8mhHQuUe84f9sH8nnQR6fR4ax
Azmodes gave me the text to his app_config.xml. This is what I currently have it set to. I'm trying to find out what the relationship is between run time and CPU time, since running only one GPU task gives me lower average run times and CPU times overall, but running four GPU tasks gives me way higher average run times and slightly higher CPU times. Ideally, it'd just be (single GPU tasks)*4=each GPU task total run time, and that'd be it. In other words, My single GPU task is 247 sec run time, 82 sec GPU time. My four GPU tasks going simultaneously should just be 984 seconds per task; it's not though, it's an average of 1435 seconds run time, 110 seconds GPU time. So that seems like a drop in performance to me. Should I go back to just one GPU task at a time? Is there any benefit to crunching multiple tasks at a time on a single GPU?
2) Message boards : Getting started : Where's the config xml file in Win11? (Message 1647)
Posted 22 Feb 2023 by 4TH8mhHQuUe84f9sH8nnQR6fR4ax
I'm trying to track the config file down, but it's not in Program Data > BOINC > projects > sech.me_boinc_Amicable.
3) Message boards : Getting started : reCaptcha not working in profile creation? (Message 1574)
Posted 9 Dec 2021 by 4TH8mhHQuUe84f9sH8nnQR6fR4ax
Момци, поправите рецаптцха већ, молим вас. Прошли су месеци.
4) Message boards : Bug tracker : Amicable Numbers up to 10^21 3.02 (opencl_amd) uses all RAM and eventually hangs Windows. (Message 1554)
Posted 8 Nov 2021 by 4TH8mhHQuUe84f9sH8nnQR6fR4ax
I've got 64GB of RAM free and I think I'm seeing the same or similar error: "-1073741819 (0xC0000005) STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION". With Ralph@home, it reported the error as insufficient memory, but that was when the entire 128 out of 128GB were being used. Now it's got half available, and it really shouldn't be an issue for Amicable tasks; the tasks are failing at 0.00 seconds of CPU time, according to the Amicable results page.
5) Message boards : Getting started : reCaptcha not working in profile creation? (Message 1548)
Posted 2 Oct 2021 by 4TH8mhHQuUe84f9sH8nnQR6fR4ax
I keep getting this after filling in the create/edit profile form:
Your ReCaptcha response was not correct. Please try again.

I'm using Chrome with adblocking disabled. There's no puzzle or anything that comes up after clicking the box, it's just checked with no other prompts.

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