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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Any GPU tasks coming? (Message 1533)
Posted 31 Aug 2021 by Greg_BE
I had set my profile for GPU only and was crunching along just fine, but now it appears that GPU tasks have dried up. Anyone know when and if any further GPU tasks will show up?

I have switched to CPU for now, but might just bail on this project since my CPU's are already really busy and my GPU's are consuming tasks very fast.
2) Message boards : Bug tracker : STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION -Amicable Numbers up to 10^21 v3.02 (opencl_nvidia) windows_x86_64 (Message 1387)
Posted 8 May 2020 by Greg_BE
10 buggy tasks so far and counting from this app.
You guys might want to pull it.
I randomly checked a work unit and it has failed on 4 computers so far including mine and being the error tasks all come from the same App then I just conclude that there is a bug in all of the tasks coming out of this.

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