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Posted 4 Jan 2018 by Profile Richard COLLINS
When (GRC) goes from $0.06 USD to $0.18 USD in a month I can tell you that uses will be here very soon. When I say users I am talking about a lot more users than what you currently see here at grcpool, much more than what is here now. Currently 1 magnitude equals about 0.25 GRC/day @ $0.18 USD per GRC

I just swam in from a pool with a total hashrate of 43.93 MH/s on (XMR) Monero. To give you a feeling of how much that is lets look at an RX 470 GPU's hashrate of 600H/s when mining a cryptonight algorithm like XMR and hold that next to the pools total combined hashrate of 43.93MH/s. [43,930,000/600=73216] We can see that the pool has the GPU power of about 73,216 RX 470's. Then lets calculate how much GPU power is within the entire XMR network which is currently at 593.76MH/s for a sum of every XMR pool. [593,760,000/600=989600] That means the XMR network alone has a GPU equivalency of 989,600 RX 470 GPU's. That is only one of hundreds of coins people are mining and it is not the most popular either.

Most people mine what is immediately profitable and are they are not faithful to anything but profitability. Currently a single GPU can make $3 a day mining ETH or $2 a day mining XMR or $1 a day or less researching on BOINC. Once (GRC) is worth $0.50+ (March 2018 - Quote me on this one) you will see so many users here that the only problem to worry about then will be acquiring new WU's, keeping positive pool balances and mitigating SYN/UDP Floods from DDoS haters.

I like the MAG and RAC calculation system and how it keeps you faithful and committed. However this system currently will make a normal crypto miner quitting 24 hours after starting his preliminary test run when he see's only 1/30th of his actual potential since RAC is 30 day based (please correct me if I am wrong)

To test the waters I ran a 6GPU RX 470 rig nonstop on grcpool for 4 solid days which landed me in first place for daily credit (2,000,000+/day Amicable Numbers) and also I was user of the day by the third day. I was in first place generating 3x the daily credit as the 2nd place runner up was. Imagine what a whale with 4000 GPU's would do to this pool. Oh and yes they exist - search youtube for this "#EvolveWithUs - The Series / Official Trailer" or "My visit Inside Genesis Mining"

I am also going to start a new discussion with this same reply. Keep up the good work Sergei Chernykh.
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Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Profile Richard COLLINS
Just wanted to say "Thank You" for featuring my profile on the sites homepage as the "User of the day". Sure made me smile.

My mining life changed once i seen these websites, now I mine for productive advancements in science instead of just a block reward determination. (GRC)GRIDCOIN!

"GRIDCOIN" Official Website -
GRC Value -
Shared Computing Research Platform -
GRC Earnings Pool -
My Current Work Project -
Instructions -

If you need help just send me a message, I will gladly help the best I can.
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Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Profile Richard COLLINS
Is there any implementation possible for people that are in a pool to get badge updates instead of just the pool getting the badge updates. I made user of the day but my user profile looks bleak. No biggie really, just curious. Thanks

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