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1) Message boards : News : Project is to be launched on January 30th! (Message 41)
Posted 30 Jan 2017 by Crystal Pellet
Since everything is running smooth, I've decided to open the project for public tomorrow, on January 30th.

Congratulations to the official launch of your Amicable Numbers project.

Since you're operational now, maybe you could increase the times per day for the statistics export.

It seems you export the statistics only once a day at 13:00 CET (12:00 UTC).
Could you export them at least 4 times a day to provide the updates of the statistics sites like BOINCstats and Free-DC more often.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : # cores limitation (Message 32)
Posted 29 Jan 2017 by Crystal Pellet
This one is working. Adjust the numbers 15 twice and don't forget a new line after </app_config>

  <cmdline>--nthreads 15</cmdline>

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