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1) Message boards : Getting started : GPU doesn't seem to be working very hard (Message 1584)
Posted 18 Mar 2022 by Mr P Hucker
Since I use a Gridcoin pool, my own account doesn't have any credits so I can only post in here.

I've noticed my GPU is at full usage, but it doesn't create much heat. Is this normal for a Radeon R9 280X?:

Usage 96%, temperature 72C, fan speed 59%, room temperature 19C, very airy case, time for one task 2 hours 50 minutes.
2) Message boards : Getting started : Not enough RAM - unable to limit it. (Message 1341)
Posted 9 Jan 2020 by Mr P Hucker
I set Boinc to limit memory usage to 75% (while in use or not) on an old machine with only 8GB RAM. Attaching to the project Amicable numbers gave me an 8GB task (for my AMD GPU), which locked the whole machine up. Why is it ignoring my preference? The event log stated it was limiting it to 6GB, but I watched it in the task manager rise to 8GB then Windows couldn't handle it.

So I tried 50%. Again, the event log correctly stated 4GB max. Downloaded fresh tasks, this time it seemed to try to limit it, by causing a computation error in the task. Surely I shouldn't have been given these tasks?

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