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Last updated 14 Aug 2022, 21:55:02 UTC
polarbeardj ("I was born and raised in Alaska but currently live in Texas (Decided to down size a...")
Boogyman Munster ("Howdy Y'all!! My name is Bob. I am from, and have now retired to South Carolina, USA! I am...")
The Sarge ("Semi-old fart who's computers have little better to do when I'm not on them. I figured...")
EricS1 ("In my early 50s at present (2020...) Was a math graduate student half a lifetime ago (and...")
Joe Noroian
Paul ("Physics PhD Student")
Michael Goetz ("My name is Michael Goetz. I enjoy mathematics, science, computer science, anything related...")
Richard COLLINS ("My mining life changed once i seen these websites, now I mine for productive advancements...")

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